Education Solution Four Step Process

Today’s technology market is simultaneously exciting and challenging. With new technology, apps, and social networking, companies face a unique challenge. Product placement, ad engines, google words, SEO, all methods with successes and failures for getting corporate products and messages to the consumer. offers search engine tools based on social networking and domain expert ranking and rating. can be customized to search internal documents and databases using our analyst tools

  • Consult - Short on time to use analyst tools? Use our extensive technical and domain experience to define their standards and unique requirements for your corporation. Find what you want internally and put forth what you want for the consumer to find.
  • Specify- Our consultants can help you select the best content software, software ranking tools, search engine domain software, cloud support with analytics, and mobile devices.
  • Training and Support- Provide ongoing training service to employees to keep them apprised of changes in the industry and the software and hardware that they are using.


Healthcare Solution Five Step Process

Today’s healthcare market's rapid expansion has created new opportunities to improve healthcare but faces many challenges such as patient privacy, security, and the use of mobile devices that often interfere with patient care. Tova's mission is to ensure technology use expedites patient care while safeguarding patient information and upholding quality of care.

  • Consult - Use our extensive technical and healthcare experience to work with healthcare providers to define user experience, review market software and device options, and define care provider’s unique requirements.
  • Specify- Use the healthcare provider’s requirements to select or build patient care software, and healthcare management software, to work in conjunction with cloud support with analytics, and mobile devices.
  • Deliver - Works directly with selected ODM and software providers to provide software and hardware solutions that meet healthcare provider’s requirements.
  • Certify - Manage all certification requirements for the mobile devices and healthcare software.
  • Training and Support- Provide ongoing training service to healthcare providers and administrators to keep them apprised of changes in the industry and the software and hardware that they are using.


Digital Life Solution Three Step Process

Today’s Digital Home market has experienced an explosion of new devices aimed to save you money while making your life easier, safer, and more connected. The biggest challenge is making these devices work together seamlessly. Tova's mission is to provide bundled solutions that combine cutting-edge software with Tova's state-of-the-art devices, to be used right out-of-the-box with minimum setup.

  • Specify- Work with leading businesses to specify Digital Life Bundles. Define the out-of-the-box experience for each bundle and user model for the bundle.
  • Deliver - Work directly with selected ODMs, leading third party vendors, and software providers to create software and hardware solutions. Tova Manufacturing will package and validate the Digital Life Bundles to meet specific customer requirements and will ship directly to stores.
  • Training and Support- Provide online customer support service and training service for businesses.