AI Search Engine

AI Search Engine

Search Engine Software is the core technology that utilizes an Artificial Intelligence (AI) based Search engine. A company can license this technology and setup their own methods to curate and organize private or public information using predefined and custom Object stores. This tool enables companies to set custom company security and privacy policies. Search can be used to search information based on the company’s enriched intelligence internally and externally.

Build a Social Network

How to Organize information

Search Engine is built on a object oriented framework that enables a user to organize their own information into Pods and join with other users to create social network of Pods. A user and groups of users can assigned experts and ranking and rating to information. AI based search engine uses this information to search and find relavent information from the Pods.

Using Analytics

Digital Life Solution Three Step Process

New devices are popping up in today’s digital home market faster than ever. Each aims to save you money while making your life easier, safer, and more connected. The biggest challenge for success in this market? Making these devices work together seamlessly, known in the high tech industry as interoperability. offers Digital Life bundled solutions that combine cutting-edge software with customised state-of-the-art devices, to be used right out-of-the-box with minimum setup. Bundles can include branded digital signage and advertisting platforms with original content on board. bundles make quick work of the toughest interoperability jobs.

  • Specify- Working with leading businesses to specify Digital Life Bundles. Straight out-of-the-box bundles are customised to meet unique user model requirements for each customer.
  • Deliver - Working directly with selected ODMs, leading third party vendors, and software providers to create software and hardware solutions. Manufacturing will package and validate Digital Life Bundles to meet specific customer requirements and ship directly to stores.
  • Training and Support- Providing online customer support and training services for businesses.